Navigation in Multi Modular App using DeepLinks | by Rahul Ray | Jul, 2022

Hey Android Devs, in this article we will see the implementation of navigation across multiple feature modules. What is the Problem? Recently, I was setting up a non-compose project in a multi-modular way. According to my use case, I was not convinced to go for Single Activity Architecture, instead, I was looking for something like … Read more

Infix in Kotlin. A very neat and highly underused… | by Deepak Nair

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash A very neat and highly underused feature of Kotlin is infix notations. After stumbling upon in it randomly, it’s become one of my favourite features. Infix functions are: incredibly easy to learn quick to write/migrate write unbelievable syntax when paired with Extension function What are infix expressions ? Consider … Read more

The Quick Developer’s Guide to Migrating Apps to Android 12 | by Sahil Sharma | Jul, 2022

Getting your app ready for SplashScreen API, Approximate Location, PendingIntent Mutability and much more … Photo by Sebastian Bednarek on Unsplash Google announced Android 12 (L) on October 2021 and by March 2022 the stable build was released starting with the Pixel phones and soon followed by other major brands. Android 12 comes with some … Read more

Nested Auto Scroll For Section Based Lists With Jetpack Compose | by Heba Mekawi | Jul, 2022

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash Showing menu items in multiple food & drinks apps is one of the best use cases for multiple lists interaction, Let’s create a simple implementation with Jetpack Compose 🚀 We’ll cover all of the following points : Show menu items list labeled by sections Show sections list and highlight … Read more

Kaspresso and ADB server. Hello everyone! | by Senchurin Nick | Jul, 2022

Hello everyone! We are continuing our series of articles about Kaspresso. This is the first article from the advanced section, where we’ll talk about the details and nuances of the Kaspresso feature implementation. If we compare the existing automation frameworks, the execution of ADB commands is often considered an advantage for Appium. But this is … Read more

Gesture-Handling Modifiers in Jetpack Compose | by Sherry Yuan

Photo by Ebuen Clemente Jr on Unsplash Jetpack Compose is Android’s modern UI toolkit, where UI elements are built with declarative Composable functions. It offers a new set of APIs to help detect user gestures. If you haven’t worked with Compose yet, I suggest learning its basics before reading this article. This article is part … Read more

How Gestures Work in Jetpack Compose | by Sherry Yuan

Photo by Edvard Alexander Rølvaag on Unsplash This article is the fifth and final part of my Android Touch System series, and covers how pointer events work in the Jetpack Compose hierarchy, some limitations of gesture detection in Compose, and how to create custom Modifiers for overcoming the limitations. It assumes readers have some understanding … Read more

A cleaner way to interact between Composable and ViewModel in Jetpack Compose | by Saurabh Pant | May, 2022

Being in a state makes you composed! Source: In Jetpack Compose, while dealing with composables, we come across states and events. Clear understanding of both make your code more readable, maintainable and testable. In practice, we try to keep our composables stateless as much as possible. But when it comes to interaction between composable … Read more

A first look: Google’s Privacy Sandbox and its effect on SDKs | by Dor Sakal | May, 2022

Earlier this year Google announced its Privacy Sandbox for Android which aims to build technology that improves user privacy in a fundamental way, while supporting the critical ecosystem use cases. This was done as part of a broader move Google started a few years ago on Chrome, and will have a profound impact on the … Read more